Google Wifi, mesh networks, redundancy

Google Wifi is a new device that can create a wireless network “mesh” by simply adding wifi points to your network. It is super simple to setup. Simply plug it in and add it to your home network through the mobile app. Setting up a home network usually involves having a router (likely with wifi capabilities) that devices connect to. Single router solutions like Asus RT-ac68u and Google OnHubs have very good reach and for most situations are going to be all you need.
My Garage Workshop

My Garage Workshop

Even before we moved into our house, I had been planning an area to be my workshop. I wanted a place that was organized, comfortable and had the space for me to work on projects big and small. Everything is against one wall or on wheels so they can be moved against the wall to help conserve space. It felt good to have built a lot of the things myself (with some assistance from a little helper) including the workbench, carts and some of the shelving.

Mitre Station in the Workshop

While the Kapex isn’t a large compound sliding mitre saw, having it on my workbench effectively took up most of the available work surface so I’ve been wanting to build some kind of miter station for it. Originally I thought about building a mobile mitre station, but after some thought decided to just build a stationary one next to the workbench at the same height so the workbench can double as a work piece support extension.
Mobile MFT3 Cart with Boom Arm and Storage

Mobile MFT3 Cart with Boom Arm and Storage

My “workshop” is, like many people, in the garage and one stipulation from She Who Must Be Obeyed for letting me indulge in my hobby is that the garage must still be able to function for its intended purpose for at least one car. That means being able to move stuff around and out of the way. While the MFT/3 is not super heavy, it doesn’t motivate me to want to me to move it.

Some Garage Organization

The July 4th weekend gave me a chance to tackle organizing the garage. It is a 2-cars garage and it was important for us to be able to park at least one car in and not use everything for storage and the workshop. After some research, I went with the RubberMaid FastTrack system for the walls since they aren’t too expensive and can be installed by one person. This is the “parking” side of the garage.

Sandbox with Seating

I had promised that once we have completed the house that I would build a sandbox in the backyard. A sandbox is pretty easy to build since it’s essentially a box. A few things to consider when building a sandbox is whether there are cats and other animals around since you don’t want your child’s sandbox to become an oversized litter box. Because there are cats in our neighborhood, I knew we needed to have a lid of some sort for the sandbox.

Week 35: Construction Is Now Complete!

The house is done!!! After a successful final inspection the city has signed off on the construction and approved it for us to move in. 35 weeks ago this was what we had: And now this is what our soon-to-be home is: There are still cosmetic details that need to be done such as the landscaping and touch ups on the inside, but there is nothing holding us back from starting to bring our stuff over to the new house.

Week 34: Beginning Landscaping and a Test

The landscaping started this week. The driveway was completed along with the front landing and the front yard landscaping has started. The frontyard was cleared and mulched so we can pass inspection since the city required basic landscaping, but this isn’t the final product. We’ll fully start on both the front and back yard landscaping after the inspection is completed. Here you can see the driveway pavers: Oh, the “Test” part in the title of this post refers to me trying Picasa and Blogger’s integrated feature for the first time.

Week 33: Waiting on the Rain

The recent rain delayed work on the driveway and landscaping which also meant that we have to move the inspection back. It’s not a big deal since we’re still on schedule but it’s not looking like we’re going to finish ahead. The protective fencing around the house have been taken down and the driveway was completed. Our glass backsplash is taking longer then expected although it isn’t needed for final inspection but the hope is to have it install before we put in the stove.

Week 32: A Contemporary Traditional Asian Inspired House

We’re about a week from final inspection so the stucco and driveway is starting on the exterior and in the interior it’s the appliances, towel bars and other details. To the office: To give a sense of height: Cabinet hardware: Exterior lights: