Backpack Rain Cover

In my review of the Everki Atlas, I pointed that the outside pocket might collect water if it rains. While the rest of the backpack’s contents will be fine, items in that pocket might get wet. Everki does sell a backpack rain cover that can protect the backpack but it is outrageously expensive. Instead, I got the Ayamaya 40L raincover from Amazon. It is a fraction of the price and easily fits the Atlas.

Everki Atlas Review

I’ve been using a Victorinox backpack for many years whenever I’ve had to travel. I can’t find a link to it since it’s no longer being made, but it is very well made, TSA friendly, side-loading laptop compartment, allows for good organization and can hold a good amount of items). It is not a light backpack and is pretty heavy when loaded up. Especially when traveling with the family which increases the number of electronics, I definitely started to feel the weight.

LazyHacker Is Now More Mobile Friendly

Those viewing this blog on a mobile device will notice a change. I’ve enabled mobile templates to make it more mobile friendly. To see the web version simply click the “View web version” link at the bottom of the page.

What a Crazy Year

Arguably, three of the measures of adulthood are career, family and home. Over the past year, I started a new job, had a new baby and built a new house. How do I feel? Tired… :-) It was a lot of balls to juggle at once, but thankfully I had a great support system at home and at work. That’s not to say that it didn’t drive me crazy sometime, but we got through it in one piece!

How To Migrate from WordPress to Blogger

The actual migration from WordPress to Blogger was very easy. The hard part was actually finding the information on how to do it. With a medium to large WordPress blog, a little bit of technical knowledge on running command line scripts is needed, but here are the basic steps: First, from your WordPress admin dashboard go to Tools > Export to generate a copy of your existing blog in XML format.

Why I Migrated From Wordpress to Blogger

For the past 5 years, I self-hosted my own instance of a WordPress blog running on my hosting service, but I got tired of having to do my own upgrades and applying patches. Admittedly, WordPress is pretty easy to upgrade. I’m not a professional blogger who needs a lot of publishing features and I don’t spend too much time customizing the look of my blog. Initially, running my own blog allowed me to get what I wanted/needed, but over the past 2-3 years I’ve only upgraded because of security updates.

Find out which app is using a port

I always forget and have to do a search, but to find out the process using a port the following can be used: lsof -i :<port> or netstat -p

Wrapping Up Another Year

It’s hard to believe another year is ending. So much have happened this year following the difficulties of last year. Much of this year have been about healing and preparing to move forward once again. We’re making progress in that regard and while the end of 2009 had a sense of relief that I got through it this time I look toward the new year with more optimism. Happy new year to everyone!

End of Week 12:

This end of the week brought rain so I didn’t take any pictures. We’re still waiting for the roof trusses to arrive, so the major work completed with the installation of the new few fence along with some of the plywood sheath walls.

A small spice rack as an exercise in woodworking

To practice the finer details of woodworking and get exposure to using more tools, I built a small spice rack. This is a pretty common woodworking learning project. The wood is a Walnut and for the finish I just used gel-polyurethane. Honestly, I have no idea what I would use this for in the house… As for the heart, well, it was to practice using the scroll saw so I needed do to something with curves…