My Favorite 'Management' Books

Besides the books that I’ve previously listed, here are some books that are more focused on management rather then software engineering or technical project management that I’ve found to still be good reads for engineers. The First 90 Daysgives advice on how to transition into new roles with case studies on do’s and don’t. I found it useful in helping to develop a learning plan for myself whenever I start on a new team or in a new role.

A company is the people who work for it

I ran across this article through Hacker News by an entrepreneur who had sold his previous company and realized that he needed to start a new company. The author definitely has that entrepreneur spirit of wanting to take action on ideas, but a few of his statements are also examples of the negatives views adopted by many who are in management and leadership positions. “I hated having 85 employees. It had become a little hell.

When to grow an organization vertically vs horizontally?

I believe that a lot of good solutions to problems that a business is trying to solve comes from the rank-and-file. A technology company, for example, get some of its most innovative solutions from the engineers who are hired to build the company’s products. When a company is at the stage where its focus is on building its products then it should focus on growing horizontally to maximize its efficiency. A good example is Google where they have been in the mode of building up their product.

Engineering Manager

The American Society of Engineering Management describes the discipline of engineering management as: Engineering Management is the art and science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities which have a technological component. Engineering Management is rapidly becoming recognized as a professional discipline. Engineering managers are distinguished from other managers by the fact that they possess both an ability to apply engineering principles and a skill in organizing and directing technical projects and people in technical jobs.

Technical Product Manager

When I go to the bookstore, I see plenty of books in the technology section on software engineering and technical project management. However, there are very (if any) books about technical product management. Why is that? Technical product manager seems to be common enough in Silicon Valley, but there seems to be a lack of printed literature on technical product management. A search online, however, turned up many blogs about technical product management and what the position means.


I love meetings, I hate meetings, I love meetings… Okay, okay, I have a love-hate relationship with meetings. There are three types of meetings (no, it’s not the good, the bad and the ugly) that I’ve found myself in. The first type of meeting is the useful meeting where the right people get together and figure out a solution to a problem. The second type of meeting can also be useful which is the information meeting.