Thoughts Fedora 21

Even though my primary home desktop the past few years has been a Macbook Pro, my favorite Operating System is Linux. It would be my primary OS if it wasn’t for a few tasks that aren’t as convenient on Linux such as photo management (which any father will know has to be good or Mother will bring down the hurt), so at home it’s been Homebrew to fill the void. Because of this I haven’t kept up with all the changes with my favorite distribution, Fedora.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 IS

My last trip taught me that what I’m missing in collection of lenses is a more general traveling lens. Carrying all those different lenses around was just too bulky and I ended up pretty much keeping the EF 28-105mm on all the time. However, because of the type of shots I was taking, the 105mm didn’t have the range that I really wanted. This X-mas I finally decided to go for my first L-series lens to address the short coming of my collection.

Canon EOS 40D

2149 The latest toy from Canon is the new EOS 40D. I’ll just have to admire it from afar… :-)

Lowepro Compudaypack

Finding the elusive “perfect” bag is like a never-ending quest. When it comes to computer bags, I’ve settled on the Waterfield Cargo bags for its convenience and durability. The bags are sturdy and the notebook is easily accessible from the top without having to open up any flaps which makes it really convenient when going through airport security scans, but I wouldn’t call this the “perfect” computer bag. The bag can get a little heavy and with it being a messenger style bag it slings over one shoulders so it can put a lot of weight on that one shoulder.

Dust on Camera Sensor!!!

I went on a trip recently and it was the first trip where I had my EOS 30D with me to take pictures with. Half way through the trip, I began taking pictures of the scenery including the sky and clouds. I uploaded the photos to a computer to look at it that night and noticed some “smudges” on the pictures. It turned out that some dust and lint fibers has gotten into the camera including the camera sensor.

Putting the Camera Gear Into Use

Now that I’ve used the 30D along with my set of lens I can better comment on whether my purchase decisions were good or bad. My reason for purchasing the 30D was because my existing point-and-shoot were simply too slow to capture the baby pictures. The 30D was well rated and capable of shooting very quickly. Canon’s lenses are also known to be very good. The Rebel line of camera, while relatively inexpensive, seemed to leave my friends wanting to upgrade to the 30D after they got more experience with photography.

Camera Gear update

1457 Bought the Canon EF 100-300mm f4.5-5.6 USM for my long range zoom. Canon Speedlite 430EX for my flash needs. 1453 1451 Got myself the Canon BGE2 Battery Grip.

My Camera Equipment

I’ve had some time to play with my new camera and it’s been fun getting back into photography especially with such cute subjects! While video is the latest craze there is a something nice about the simplicity of photography. Like Chess, the rules are simple but it is hard to master. 772 My starting equipment consists of the Canon EOS 30D body which has turned out to be an excellent and responsive camera.

Decided to get a flash

I got the basic set of lenses for my Canon EOS 30D to cover my needs. The last thing remaining to complete my equipment is a flash so I decided to purchase a Canon Speedlite 430EX. The reviews looked good and the price is reasonable if it lasts for a long time. With this last item, I think I pretty much have everything I would need for a long time unless I become a really serious amateur photographer.

Basic Photography Concepts

Now that I’ve started getting back into photography, I’ve decided to refresh myself on some basic concepts of photography starting with exposure. Exposure is the combination of four element related to light: light, sensitivity, intensity and time. Unless you’re using a flash or providing a light source, assume that light is a constant (i.e. you work with what the environment provides). Sensitivity of film/sensor is measure by the ISO (international standards organization) rating.