Thoughts Fedora 21

Even though my primary home desktop the past few years has been a Macbook Pro, my favorite Operating System is Linux. It would be my primary OS if it wasn’t for a few tasks that aren’t as convenient on Linux such as photo management (which any father will know has to be good or Mother will bring down the hurt), so at home it’s been Homebrew to fill the void. Because of this I haven’t kept up with all the changes with my favorite distribution, Fedora.

Is it time for me to stop reading Yahoo finance?

I’ve been a big fan of Yahoo Finance and while my use of various Yahoo services have diminished, Finance (and Sports) are still two of my favorites. However, I started to noticed that I’m less and less interested in Yahoo Finance since they no longer focus as much on news as they do on commentary, rumors and speculation. When I look up the finance page on Yahoo, most of the articles seems to be about Google and instead of news it’s often blog posts on rumors or some sensationalism.

Moving on from Yahoo

Well, the time has come for me to say goodbye to Yahoo! There are definitely some things I’ll miss, but it is time to move on. I had a great experience here and learned a helluva lot. Now I’m looking forward to applying those skills I’ve developed at my next job. I’m not going far. Just up to the street to Google.

Giving bloggers a bad name -- Arrington on Yahoo

I think a lot of bloggers take their writing seriously even if they aren’t professional journalists. Just like yellow journalism can hurt the reputation of the news industry, bloggers like Michael Arrington can also give bloggers a bad name by selling sensationalism as news. Arrington posted another entry commenting on Yahoo and once again contradicts himself. He concludes his blog post (I wouldn’t go as far as crediting him with the term ‘article’) with

Coporate parents

The finance articles about shareholders and corporate raiders wanting MS to come back and buy Yahoo reminds me of those parents who has a favorite ex-boyfriend/girlfriend for their child and just can’t accept that they’ve broken up and don’t want to be together anymore.

It's tough being a founder

The news has come out that Microsoft is withdrawing its bid for Yahoo. This is expected to lead to a big drop in Yahoo’s stock on Monday and bring about law suit against Yahoo and its board. A lot of fingers will probably be pointed at Jerry Yang and that is unfortunate, but given how cynical the world is towards CEOs I’m not surprised. We live in a time where CEOs are viewed those who are there to make big bucks and companies are soulless entities.

Yahoo Application Platform (YAP)

At the end of last year, I switched from Yahoo! Profiles (Profiles, 360, Mash) to a new team which I have not been able to tell anyone about other then to say that it was a “platforms team”. The past 5 months that I’ve been with the team has been fun, fast, and very exhausting. We are aiming to do something very different then what Yahoo has done in the past and doing something new that can effect a company the size of Yahoo is not easy especially when it involves steering it away from its traditional course.

Mash fugly avoiding the fate of MySpace

One common criticism of MySpaceprofiles is that they can be so hideously ugly or impossible to read. Y! Mash wants to be able to give users the flexibility to customize their profiles too but also protect the eyes of the unsuspecting viewer so if you run across a profile that just hurts your eyes and brains, try clicking on the “fugly” link and it’ll take away the crazy CSS and let you see the contents in a very basic format.

Mash vs My!

I’ve been reading some of the blog postings from new users of Yahoo! Mash and one of things mentioned but a few is whether Mash replaces My Yahoo!. I thought I should point out that these two product serves a very different purpose. Mash is information you want to share with the world while My! is information you want to see for yourself from the world.

Today, Yahoo released the beta of a new site called Yahoo! Mash. Because it is currently an invite-only site, going to the link might now reveal very much, but Tech Crunch has some coverage and screen shots here. Now, normally I don’t tend to talk much about my work or give my opinions about it other then to mention some new features coming out of Yahoo, but Mash is a little different in that I’m directly involved with it.