Sunday, August 12, 2018

My Essential Travel Gear for Family Vacation

As the tech dad, I'm responsible for making sure that the family has all the tech gear needed while on vacation.  In this post, I describe the essential items I bring to meet the demands of the family and minimize my work cause this is the blog of a lazy hacker...

Nomatic Travel Pack First Impressions

Nomatic Travel Pack

This is my first impression of the Travel Pack.  Nomatic has 3 bags that have very similar names:  Nomatic Backpack (smaller everyday carry backpack), the Travel Pack (designed for 3-4 days of travelel) and the Travel Bag (large suitcase bag).  I find that my needs for a daily use backpack is different then what I need for travel.  I carry a lot more stuff when traveling (especially when it is with my family).  I carry different things depending on whether I'm going to the office versus when I'm traveling so I can understand why Nomatic has different bags for daily use and short term travel.