Sunday, December 18, 2022

Upgrading to Fedora 37

 With Fedora 35 support reaching its end-of-life, I decided to upgrade to Fedora 37.  Instead of directly going from 35 to 37, I first upgraded to Fedora 36.

I've always appreciated the ease and stability of upgrading Fedora.  Usually there are zero problems (knock on wood) although there was a couple of times when I ran into software problems such when the font I was using was no longer supported which made the terminal text look weird. 

When upgrading to to 36, everything looked fine but I didn't test it very thoroughly.  The system booted up and I was able log into the my windows manager and didn't encounter any issues.  I immediately started the Fedora 36 to 37 upgrade which went pretty much like the previous upgrade.

This time, though, when I logged into the windows manager it didn't recognize my multi-monitor setup so the orientation of my monitor was lost.  That was an easy fix going to the Display setting and changing the location and rotation of each monitor.  However, there was another problem with each monitor's wallpaper.  

I use a tool called Nitrogen to set the wallpaper for each monitor but Fedora tells me it is crashing when it tries to start it so I tried starting it on the terminal and saw this message:

(nitrogen:9183): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 16:04:48.248: Settings schema 'org.gnome.desktop.background' does not contain a key named 'draw-background'

I didn't find an immediate solution online so I moved ~/.config/nitrogen to a backup location and tried Nitrogen again.  This time the error message went away, but Nitrogen only saw the main monitor and not the other.

After doing another quick search, I found this article which led me to try start Nitrogen with this command:

nitrogen --force-setter=xinerama --restore

This enabled Nitrogen to see the other monitors and I was able to set my wallpapers.