Monday, May 16, 2011

Sandbox with Seating

I had promised that once we have completed the house that I would build a sandbox in the backyard.  A sandbox is pretty easy to build since it's essentially a box.  A few things to consider when building a sandbox is whether there are cats and other animals around since you don't want your child's sandbox to become an oversized litter box.

Because there are cats in our neighborhood, I knew we needed to have a lid of some sort for the sandbox.  The dimensions of the box is 8' x 4' so a single lid that span the whole sandbox might be too heavy for the little ones to lift.  I decided to divide the sandbox into two 4' x 4' sections.

I built the lids to fold on top of each other so they become a seating bench when opened.  It still offers plenty of play area for the kids, easy for them to open while keeping neighborhood animals out.


  1. I really like your idea for a sandbox. I want to make one for my 4 year old daughter. What kind of wood did you use and did you make a bottom for that as well?

  2. My reply is probably too late to make a different to the original comment, but maybe it will answer other people's questions. Blogger doesn't seem to be notifying me of comments unfortunately...

    I used is redwood because it has some natural resistance to bugs and rot. Cedar is another popular wood. Avoid pressure treated wood since it has chemicals.

    For the bottom, I just put a layer of rocks and added the sand on top to let water seep down and not become a kiddy pool after it rains! :-)