Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Upgraded to Fedora 31

*Update: 3/23/2020* Updated everything to the latest package (including the latest Terminus font).  When restarting, the terminal will still be messed up until you switch the font to be "Terminus Medium".  Once switched to Terminus Medium it looks like the way it did before.

Upgraded to Fedora 31 but unfortunately for the first time in many releases, I've encountered problems with the upgrade.  :-(

Fedora decided to drop support for Bitmap fonts

Technically, they aren't saying they are dropping support and considers it a common problem, but users of Bitmap fonts such as Terminus will find their terminals showing garbage characters.  Fedora has instructions on how to convert Bitmap fonts to OpenType fonts but the instructions (even though it specifically use Terminus as an example) does not work.

The solution I found was to downgrade the Pango package to the Fedora 30 version (before this braking change was added):
sudo dnf downgrade --releasever 30 pango-1.43.0-4.fc30.x86_64
The downside is that its necessary to keep an eye when updating to not go back to the version that doesn't support the font.  :-(


This also meant that any future upgrade has to be:
sudo dnf update --exclude pango,pango-devel,nemo, nemo-extension

SMB mounting stopped working 92

Update /etc/samba/smb.conf with:

client min protocol = NT1