Sunday, March 2, 2014

Disabling Anti-Aliasing on Chrome

Update:  To make it easier, I uploaded the files to  Just download it and point your Chrome browser to use it as an extension.

While I love Chrome and it's my favorite browser, the one thing I really dislike about it is the way it handles anti-aliasing.  I really don't like the seeing soft fuzziness around fonts.  It always makes me feel it's blurry.

Previously, to disable the anti-alias in Chrome you would create a "User Stylesheet\Custom.css" file (Chrome doesn't use the OS's font setting) with the following:

body { -webkit-font-smoothing: none; }

But starting with version 33, Chrome no longer load the user style sheet so one day I started Chrome and everything looked fuzzy again!

The "new" way around this to create your own Chrome extension.   All this involves is adding one new file.

Create a new directory and add a new file called manifest.json.  Have the following in it:

{    "manifest_version": 2,    "name": "Disable AntiAlias in Chrome",    "version": "0.1",    "content_scripts": [{        "matches": ["https://*/*", "http://*/*"],        "css": ["style.css"]    }]  }

Then create a file that matches the name used in the line "css": ["style.css"].  In this example, create a file called style.css.

Style.css should have the same thing as what was in the Custom.css file above.

Then on the url bar in Chrome, type "chrome://extensions/" (without the quotes).  Enable the "developer mode" checkbox and click on the "Load unpacked extension" button.  Select the directory that contains your newly created file.



  1. Thank you! Useful. Shame on Chrome developers forcing us to use bloats like anti-aliasing.

  2. Could you please share your .css file, as my is already gone, and the one I borrowed is not working. Where exactly should the .css file be? Thanks!


    2. Thanks you so much for this! It helped tons!

  3. Doesn't work anymore. Big-big shame on Chrome developers!
    Could you please provide an up-to-date solution?

  4. chrome://flags/

    Deaktivace rozhraní DirectWrite Windows
    DirectWrite. #disable-direct-write