Sunday, June 18, 2006

Need to try QEMU

Many of my friends who have recently gotten the new Intel-based Macs and they've been going ga-ga over Parallel's virtualization software that lets them run WinXP inside of OSX.  I don't have a Mac-Intel, but I would like to be able to do this on Linux.  It looks like there are a few choices, but I ran into this article about installing QEMU which is a emulation software that the review claims runs pretty fast.  Another option that seems to be Xen which is a virtualization software for x86.

A few things still bothers me about my current linux desktop is that the video drivers/software still aren't as good as their windows counterpart.  It seems that I can still do more with the windows set of drivers from Nvidia then the linux drivers.  I'm sure there are some manual tweaks that I can do directly to the configuration but I haven't had as much time.  This basically means that I can run WinXP on Linux, but the visual look isn't as nice as it looks on being on Windows natively.