Monday, December 24, 2007

Bears at Raiders


I went to my first NFL game when the Chicago Bears came to play against the Oakland Raiders. I've seen the Bulls, Cubs, White Sox and even the Chicago Fire play but the one team I never saw live was the Bears, so I was pretty excited. Hearing the stories about Raider Nation and Raider fans, I wasn't sure if I should wear my Bears gear, but once at the stadium there was a surprising number of Bears jerseys. I guess because there isn't much of a rivalry between the Raiders and the Bears there aren't as much animosity for the visiting team.

It was a fun experience. The weather was great, the seats were much better then I expected (I could make out all the players on the field) and with only a few minutes remaining, the Bears staged a come-from-behind victory.


If the Bears play the Raiders again, I'd definitely want to try to see them play again.

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