Saturday, February 24, 2007

Completed Backyard

Ever since last summer, we've been planning to re-landscape the backyard. Now, months and months later, the final touches have been completed.

We actually wanted to re-landscape the yard when we first moved in because the original English garden style wasn't us and required a lot of work to maintain. We had a few designers come in to give us estimates and they either flaked, was really slow to respond or just couldn't do what we wanted. Eventually we gave up and kept things the way it was until it became a jungle back there that nobody wanted to go into! :-)

With the big news of last year, we decided it was time to finally get the backyard done along with other home projects that we've put off including a Phantom sliding screen and wood flooring. We got a landscaper through a recommendation from a friend at work who came in to clear out the old garden and recommended the patio and designer that we ended up using.

Since we wanted an Asian theme, the goal was simplicity, natural and asymmetrical and the designer helped us with the basic layout, elements and plant suggestions which we then went over with the landscaper to make adjustments.

We're pretty happy with the results. :-) I especially like it at night when the lights comes on. If I can figure out how to do good night shots, I'll try to include some.

The next step is getting that grill...

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