Saturday, October 13, 2007

Is Apress the new O'Reilley?

Today, I fired up the web browser and typed in '' to check out what new computer titles has come out and I realized that I used to go to O'Reilley instead. In fact, it's been awhile since I've gone to O'Reilley other then to read some of their tech articles. O'Reilley used to be THE publisher of practical technical computer books related to development, UNIX and open source. They published the Perl book among other must have references that were on the desks of every programmer I know.

Now, though, their titles seems to cater to a more mass-market crowd and publish a lot of quick-reference guide. If I want to learn about something, I no longer think about O'Reilley. My last few purchases ( Building and Extending GAIM, The Definitive Guide to GCC, Foundations of GTK+ Development, Bginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8 ) have been from Apress who seems to have replaced O'Reilley in the area that O'Reilley used to dominate. I still have my old O'Reilley books which I reference frequently (Programming Perl, Essential System Administration, UNIX Power Tools, etc.), but now I have to do some research on a new O'Reilley title before I purchase one.

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