Friday, June 13, 2008

Giving bloggers a bad name -- Arrington on Yahoo

I think a lot of bloggers take their writing seriously even if they aren't professional journalists. Just like yellow journalism can hurt the reputation of the news industry, bloggers like Michael Arrington can also give bloggers a bad name by selling sensationalism as news.

Arrington posted another entry commenting on Yahoo and once again contradicts himself. He concludes his blog post (I wouldn't go as far as crediting him with the term 'article') with

It took me about five minutes of watching Yahoo’s top two executives talk last month to realize that they had no fight left in them. The fact that they simply gave up wouldn’t matter so much if the only people hurt by their actions were their employees and stockholders. But that just isn’t the case, and now we all have to deal with the fallout.

I guess it's safe for him that he doesn't actually have to provide any facts to back up his statements. He's basically saying that Jerry Yang and Sue Decker don't have any fight left in them other then fighting off Microsot and Carl Icahn. If they had no fight in them, wouldn't they just sold the company along with their principals? Arrington also implies that somehow Yahoo is hurting other people beyond employee and stockholders. Who is he talking about? Selling to Microsoft helps consumers? I can't understand the purpose of Arrington's ramblings other then him trying to make himself sound relevant and him thinking that if he can yell loud enough that people might think that he's somehow a participant or insider. I guess without any journalistic integrity he has to rely on fame in one way or another ala Paris Hilton.

I think I'll stop by a deli and ask the waiter on his thoughts about TechCrunch and quote it as fact that everyone in Silicon Valley feels what the "insider" feels.

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