Saturday, November 28, 2009

My VIM cheatsheet

To help me learn VIM keys, I put together a cheat sheet which I load onto my desktop much like how I handle my calendar/todo.

I'm not sure how much this cheat sheet will help others because I left out the commands that I already know well and left the commands that I'm currently learning. I expect that I'll update the list as I get more familiar with VIM.

---- BUFFER ----
:e set buffer
:b goto buffer (next|prev)
:sp new window/file above
:vs new window left
:q close current window
:qa quit all windows
ctrl-w move to window
ctrl+w = autosize window
:ls list buffer
:bd buffer delete
:sav save-as
u undo
ctrl-r redo
. repeat
ESC ctrl-[

---- NAVIGATION -----
gg goto start of file
G goto end of file
:54 goto line
80| goto column
ctrl-g show file info
ctrl-e scroll up
ctrl-y scoll down
ctrl-b page up
ctrl-f page down
zt scoll line to top
w next word (ctrl+right)
b previous word (ctrl+left)
zi toggle folding

---- SELECTION ----
v visual select
shft-v line select
ctrl-v column select
y copy selection
p paste selection
= reindent
> indent
< unindent
:set list! toggle visible whitespace
xp transpose
r replace
s substitue
x delete char

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