Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 OS of the Year... LINUX!

Looking back on my computer usage this past year, I realized that I've stopped using Windows. For the first time, I don't even have a Windows computer at work. Having mostly used DOS/Windows (usually along side a linux server) for so long I didn't expect that my usage to stop so quickly, but before I knew it I was doing everything I needed to do on another OS. One of the key changes that I made that contributed to being able to stop using Windows is that I stopped PC gaming. However, I would have expected that OSX would have been the primary OS following Windows (especially since I replaced my main Windows machines with a MBP), but the work horse OS that I used the most turned out to be Linux. Where consumer apps on Linux used to lag behind Windows and OSX, developers are now building them for Linux including media players (VLC) and programs like Picasa and Handbrake with the arcane interfaces that are often associated with the Unix world. I believe having these types of user accessible applications will drive Linux more then just having windows/osx-like window managers.

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