Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Build your own desk with just a power drill and iron.

I've been itching to try to build my own computer desk, but I'm a total newbie when it comes to woodworking. I haven't done anything since probably middle school shop class, but it's something I wanted to try. I went to the local hardware/lumber store and bought myself some wood which I got the store to cut to size. I bought pre-built legs and just made the table top. The main thing I wanted was to have a way to conceals all the cables on my desk while still having easy access.

I used a power drill to make the holes for the wood dowels that holds the top of the table to the side supports. The top is plywood so it has that rough edge which is covered with wood edge strips that you use an iron to fuse it to the wood. Since it is real wood, you can stain it like the rest wood and have a smooth edge.

It took me about an afternoon to put this all together, but the staining took another 3 days as I had to wait for it all to dry, but for my first effort I'm pretty satisfied. :-)
Homemade Desk

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