Monday, July 26, 2010

New workbench

Recently I've started to do some wood working projects around the house as can be seen in some of my previous post (stand, desk). I've really enjoyed working on those projects, but the work surface I was using was just two sawhorses and maybe some plywood on top. There are still some projects that I would like to do, but first I wanted a more stable and solid work bench. The cost of good workbenches are pretty high and the main point of doing a lot of the projects myself was to cut down on the cost of buying pre-made items so I decided to build my own workbench.

It took me a couple of weekends because I wanted to make a workbench that can be disassembled easily when I move. Again, I had the lumber yard cut the wood to length and did the drilling myself. It feels really really solid and I left an overhang so that I can install a vise in the future.

Here it is before any finishing is applied:



Here is one of the joints:

workbench joints
I'm still considering what kind of finish to put on it. The wood looks nice so I don't necessarily want to conceal that, so maybe a clear oil varnish?


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