Woodworking Vise

I finally got around to installing a wood working vise on my workbench. I had already planned for a vise for the bench when I first made it, but I needed K’s help to get it mounted on the table top since it was so heavy. I actually took off the top and flipped over in order to install it and then needed K to help me put the top back into place..

The vise is a Jorgensen 41012 Woodworking Vise which was bigger then I expected but fortunately fit perfectly in the 10” overhang that I had on the bench. My table top was exactly 12” short of the minimal thickness needed so I had to use a 12” plywood scrap underneath the top for the vise to mount against. Since I don’t have a saw, I had to ask my friend, KH, at work to cut the pieces to size which I then sanded a little to get everything flushed. Installing the vise isn’t difficult but the provided template to help cut the holes were actually a little bit off so we had to make some adjustments while we were mounting it.



There are three things left that I’d like to do to the bench: 1) install bench dog holes, 2) put a couple of wood blocks in the jaws of the vise and 2) apply a finish to the frame.

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