Monday, January 3, 2011

Updated My Work Area With a New Saw

For the holiday, SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) gave me the okay to get a saw for my woodworking! :-) After researching the different options (table saws, portable contractor saw, circular saws and track saws), I decided to go with Festool's track saw, the TS55 EQ. I don't have enough room for a table saw and I worry about the safety of portable table saws. The cost of the Festool system (saw, table and dust collection) ultimately came out to be less then that of a table saw and with a table saw you still need to spring for a dust collector.

Here is the updated corner in my garage with the new goodies:


This is the saw on the Festool MFT/3 work table with the rail track:


I've done a few simple cuts (wood and MDF) and it's been a super system. The cuts were smooth and straight and as good as I've seen on table saws.

Previously, after I do any woodwork I would have had to sweep up all the saw dust, but with the Festool CT26 attached there was practically no dust even when cutting the MDF. It's pretty amazing. Festool built their tools as a complete integrated system where each tool works with the other.


  1. your're taking over the garage! will the car still fit?

  2. The area is actually pretty compact so we can still park one car comfortably. I want to do some better at the new house though.