Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 35: Construction Is Now Complete!

The house is done!!! After a successful final inspection the city has signed off on the construction and approved it for us to move in. 35 weeks ago this was what we had:


And now this is what our soon-to-be home is:

There are still cosmetic details that need to be done such as the landscaping and touch ups on the inside, but there is nothing holding us back from starting to bring our stuff over to the new house. Our GC did an amazing job keeping the project moving forward and staying on schedule. That's quite an accomplishment for a 9 months project.

The last two weeks were pretty hectic with the rain and the backsplash people flaking out, but in the end everything got done. The backsplash went in which allowed us to get the appliances and kitchen faucets in. Finally, our front door also got installed .

Welcome, please come in.

Step through the front door.

Kitchen with actual appliances and backsplash!

22,000 BTUs, baby! Also, it allows for wok cooking on its burners.

The far right is a instant hot water filter great for that hot chocolate or tea with no waiting. :-)

We went for a solid glass backsplash for a clean look as well as easy cleaning.

From the kitchen, we can look to the great room area.

The soaking tub. I'm ready to use it now!

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  1. Finally!!! :)

    Love the front door, goes perfectly with the feel of the house.