Books For Every Programmer's Shelf

Here are some books that I believe should be on every programmer’s bookshelf.

The C Programming Language, 2nd Editionimage” - By the creators of the C language, this concise book clearly teaches the foundations for the C language. For a more tutorial book on C, I would suggest “C Primer Plus”

Wiley’s Teach Yourself C++image” by Al Stevens - My favorite book for learning C++.

Programming Pearls “ - A great collection of essays on programming including ways to approach programming problems.

Programming Perl” - The definitive book for the Perl language by the creator of the language.

The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-4A Boxed Setimage” - This thick 4 volume set is a thick academic tomb of knowledge for computer science.

Software Toolsimage” or “Software Tools in Pascalimage” - Writing software tools and utilities is a special discipline.

The Practice of Programming” - Easy to read text on programming practices.

Win32 Programmingimage” by Brent E. Rector, Joseph M. Newcomer - While Petzold’s Programming Windows®, Fifth Editionimage is generally considered THE book on windows programming, I actually like this book better because of its more in-depth coverage of the topics.

Here are some books for the professional programmer that isn’t around coding.

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