Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Thoughts on Hugo

posted earlier about moving from Blogger to Hugo and it has been a couple of months so I thought that I share my thoughts on how Hugo has been working out.


  • Markdown is ideal for writing articles and blog posts especially if you fall into the distraction free school of writing.
  • The formatting of code snippets is a lot better then what’s available on Blogger.
  • Able to version control everything since everything is available as static files.
  • Site generation is fast and deployment is quick and easy.
  • Easy to work offline.
  • Allows the use of HTTPS!


  • Navigating and finding files gets troublesome when the archive becomes large.
  • VIM is not great for writing prose.
  • Not being in the Cloud means losing the convienience of being able to work from any browser just by logging in.
  • Having to remember to sync with Github in case there are edits done elsewhere.
  • Consistency of quality in available themes.
  • Having to maintain the software (upgrading Hugo, configuring web server/app engine).
  • Markdown requires more work inserting links, images, etc.
Basically, there are gains to switching to Hugo as well as some inconveniences.