Friday, August 18, 2017

Tech Travel Gear

I’m not a frequent traveler but I do occasionally travel for work and family trips. I set up a modular organization system to allow me to quickly pack based on who is on the trip. I’ve settled on using these to organize all my tech gear:
I have a base set of items that I put into two Cocoon Grid-It (one I keep in my backpack and bigger one in my carry-on) and one BAGSMART travel organizer for smaller accessories or when I need to pull out quickly. When more people are traveling, I would bring along the BUBM organizers and extra Grid-It that holds extra cables and multi-port USB wall charger for the additional phones and tablets.

When I’m traveling alone it is generally for business and I’d be staying at a hotel. The devices I need are:
  • laptop (USB-C): Both my work and personal laptop charges through USB-C so I don’t need to swap out chargers but just the laptop that I’m bringing.
  • phone (USB-C)
  • tablet (USB-C)
  • Google Chromecast
Rather then having to set the wifi connection for each device everytime I arrive at a new hotel, I preset everything to connect to the HooToo TripMate Elite which I wrote about here. I only have to set up the Hootoo to connect to the hotel’s wifi.
With all the devices we carry there’s always a need for power. For the times when no power outlet is available, I use the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 battery which has a USB-C port as well as USB-A port. The USB-C port allows me to use the same USB-C wall chargers I already have and it can also be used to charge the laptop.
Even when an outlet is available it might be inconvenient to reach or have only 1 connection is available. The COZOO Aluminum 2 Outlet Travel Power Strip with USB Charger is a small light weight power strip with a 3 USB charging port as well. If only USB ports are needed, there is the Anker Elite Dual Port 24W USB Travel Wall Charger that comes in 2 or more ports. It is smaller and easier to quickly unplug and put in a pocket if you’re in a rush to charge and get on the plane.
When the whole family is traveling, I find myself having to pack a lot more devices (multiple phones, tablets, camera). Instead of a big outlet strip with multiple wall chargers, the Anker 60W 10-port USB Waller Charger provides 10 USB charging ports.
Other things I bring along are:
  • USB Mouse - I prefer a mouse to a trackpad when possible.
  • Camera - Sometimes I’ll bring a dedicated camera for a trip where the phone’s camera is not appropriate such as underwater shooting when going to the beach.
  • USB wall chargers - for when I need to plug in another room.
  • Various USB cables (Anker makes good cables):
    • USB C to C cables
    • USB A to C cables
    • USB A to micro cables
  • USB C to DisplayPort
  • USB C to HDMI
  • USB Audio adopter
  • USB C wall charger
  • Audio splitter
  • USB flash drive
  • USB Type-C hub
  • USB lamp
  • Flashlight
  • USB micro to C adapter
  • USB A to C adapter
  • Screen wipes
  • Ethernet cable
  • Sony earbuds: MDR-E9LP
  • Plantronic USB headphones with mic