Sunday, November 28, 2021

Controller Button Layout

The Playstation controller, especially the Dual Shock controller from the PS4, is my preferred controller.  It has a typical 4 action buttons layout which uses symbols to identify each button.  




I've developed muscle memory for I expect each button typically do which makes switching between Playstation and Nintendo games a bit of a pain since they have the confirm/decline button switched from each other.  Fortunately, each offers to let you remap the behavior for it.  While this work for system settings, each game might have a different behavior assigned to each button so I normally try to map them all into a consistent behavior.  My typical button configuration is as follows:

△ - heavy hit/special attack/switch characters

O - normal hit

X - jump/OK/confirm

▢ - cancel/decline/action

R1 - dash/evade

Controllers from Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox and Google Stadia use alphanumerical values (A, B, X, Y) for their buttons.  While XBox and Stadia have the same button names, Nintendo has a different layout which means that I never remember which is the A & B and which is the X & Y.



X   B




Y   A


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