Monday, July 17, 2023

Basic tools for homeowners

 New homeowners often find themselves constantly visiting the hardware store the first few weeks after moving into their new home.  Those visits take time and can be intimidating given all the items available so here's my suggestion for an inital shopping list that will hopefully save you some times and lower the number of trips to the store.

  • Tape measure - this is used so often that you might consider buying two
  • Knife/Box cutter - you'll be opening a lot of boxes and packaging.  A multi-tool might be a good option for versatility.
  • Screw driver - After driving back-and-forth, you might hope this is the drink but sorry, no.  Have at least one philips head screw driver and a flat head screw driver.  The latter is also useful to pry open paint cans lids, etc.
  • Pliers - a pair of hand pliers can save a lot of pain trying to get an old nail or object out.
  • Level - Checking that something is level happens more than I expected.
  • Paint brush - useful for both applying paint and also brushing things off/
  • Painter's tape - People swear by duck tape, but I use the famous blue painters tape for everything and not just for painting because it comes off easily.
  • Hammer - I don't use a hammer all that much but when needed there isn't many other substitites so keep one around.
  • Sand paper - For sanding and removing things stuck on surfaces.
  • Vynyl gloves - inexpensive and protects your hand from chemicals and other gross stuff.
  • Eye protection - Listen to Norm!
  • Dust mask - Don't want to breath in dusts and molds.
  • Power drill & drill bits - Save time and your wrists and get a power drill.  I recommend getting a drill and driver set as they are common and cost effective.
  • Stud finder - Don't rely on your Tindr app.  Get a real stud finder so your picture frames don't fall off the wall.
  • 5 gallon bucket - Useful for bringing your tools around to where you need them and can use to hold other stuff.  I suggest getting two (or get a tool bag to replace one of the buckets)
  • Paper towels - DIY can be a dirty job
  • Baby wipes - It's gentle on a baby's skin so probaby also for your painted walls.
  • spackling compound - I know  you don't make mistakes but the previous person might not have put the hanger your spouse wanted.
  • putty knife - Cover up the mistake by the other person.

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