Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dvorak is still around?

John Dvorak, of PC Magazine fame, has been writing for a long time as a technology industry "insider" and I'm somewhat surprised that he's still around given how off-the-wall some of his writings are. He recently posted an article where he makes the following statement:

as the Linux community is slowly evolving into a state of mob rule, with the cheerleaders being paranoid crackpot leftovers from the waning days of Amiga

I'm not saying that he's wrong, but that he's about 10 years too late in making this observation (actually I think he's been saying this for 10 years and is just repeating himself). With each OS, editor, whatever, there's always fanatic advocates so what's really new?

Another example of how Dvorak tries to keep his relevency is to talk about areas where he obviously have no knowledge of such as video gaming: How the gaming Industry is Killing Itself. I highly doubt that Dvorak plays video games or spends much time in the industry to really know what's going on.

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