Friday, May 27, 2005

New search from Y!

There's been a new search feature that Yahoo has been working on which I've been very excited about, but that I couldn't talk about until now.

Y! Research Lab has just announced that a test version of Mindset is available on Yahoo! Next. What Mindset allows you to do is to decide whether you're searching for research or more for shopping using a slider to give weight towards one or another.

What is Mindset? A new twist on search that uses machine learning technology to give you a choice: View Yahoo! Search results sorted according to whether they are more commercial or more informational (i.e., from academic, non-commercial, or research-oriented sources).

Sometimes you want to buy stuff and sometimes you just want to do research. In a typical search page, results point to commercial pages that are mixed together with non-commercial pages, so it's harder to find the type of information you're looking for. Mindset is our attempt to help solve that problem.

This is a very cool tool that really puts choice back into user's hands when it comes to search results.

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