Monday, July 25, 2005

Random catchup

It's been pretty busy lately so I have not had much time to update the blog. Frankly, I haven't encounter many interesting articles recently to really blog about. There was the contraversay with the "secret sex code" in the latest GTA game. If a game that lets players recharge their "health" through a visit to the corner prostitute didn't already have an "adult" rating, what's the big deal that there was a secret code to unlock pixelated acts of sex? The public reaction to this is probably overblown, but I do wonder what the programmers were thinking? Don't bite the hand that feed you, people. At least just make your own private version to show off to your peers if that's what it was about.

In related gaming news, the son of a Microsoft manager got his hands on his dad's Xbox360 and proceeded to take pictures of him with it and posting them on a public forum thereby completely breaking the NDA his father signed. It's safe to say that the father is no longer employed. What were both father and son thinking?!?

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