Thursday, July 7, 2005

Yahoo SMS, Slash what?

Yahoo released their own SMS search service for mobile devices. For those who are using Google's SMS service, this will be very familiar.

On a slightly different note, the further decline of Slashdot is evident in the growing frequency of uninformed comments by its readers. One example is when Yahoo launched its Mindset Search Beta and one reader quickly posted about how he did not like how he would have to download it and install software on his computer. The irony is that Mindeset is web application and doesn't have any software download unless the reader is refering to having to install a web browser so he can surf the web? Often there are comments about Goggle Search vs Yahoo Search and it is clear that many readers of Slashdot are not very well informed or up-to-date about current technologies. There are comments about how Yahoo uses Google's search engine (these people are a years behind the times) and comments about how Yahoo's search result are not as good as Google's (these people are many years behind the times). The truth is that the two search sites will not return the exact same results, but when people actually takes the time to do a comparison of the results they will find out how close the gap really is between the two. However, this isn't about G vs Y, my comments is actually about Slashdot.

While the "Slashdot" effect is still in play, it's questionable whether sites who gets this effect are now getting the type of traffic they desire. Technology sites all want greater traffic and have buzz spread about them, but as is often said, "quantity isn't necessarily better then quality."

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  1. I'm not particularly surprised, it's just like every other online "community". They've been complaining about the dumbification with stuff like this since the ol' newsgroup days. Inevitable, just the natural evolution of things. =)