Friday, September 7, 2007

Apple fanboys rejoice, Apple supporters groans.

In response to the cryings of many Apple early adopters of the iPhone after Apple lowered the price by $200, Apple decided to issue a $100 credit to those folks. The folks who were complaining that it was too soon to drop the price should continue to complain although I suspect they won't. I guess that means it's ok to drop the price by $100 after 2 months but not by $200.

Those who cried that Apple was punishing their most loyal users who waited in line to buy the iPhone at launch and would be pacified by this credit obviously are not really loyal Apple users. By demanding to be compensated, they are effectively trying to weaken the company by taking away revenue. Hard to break it to you folks, but companies need revenue and profit to survive. The argument that these folks are true supporters of Apple just doesn't fly.

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  1. This pretty much says it best:

    While the price drop didn't bother me, I'm not about to turn down a $100 store credit either. ;-p 'sides, I'm not exactly worried about Apple's revenue. They have money to burn. =)