Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bears vs Chargers

Fox advertised the Bears vs Chargers as the top game in week 1 so obviously the game being shown in my area is between the football power houses Lions vs Raiders. Nice!

Listened to the game on the 'net and thought I was hearing an archived game. Bears defense playing great and put in some monster stops, but after constantly being on the field they eventually gets worn down but still keep other team's offense out-of-sync. Bears offense then helps other team get some easy scores since they aren't able to generate any TDs for their own team. After the game, team defends their QB and offense and comments that it's hard to have 4 turn-overs and beat a good team like the Chargers.

Here's the problem, Chicago has to win games where they give up turn-overs because they are a turn-over prone team starting with Rex Grossman and down to their running backs. This is the type of offense that Chicago has decided to go with when they decided to stick with a quarterback that flip-flops between being great and being terrible. Even if it is not a reflection on the quality of the QB, it is the quality of the coaching staff. Given their philosophy, I'm surprised that they made any change for this year.

Why didn't they just stick with the same core of talented players and depend on luck to get to and win the Superbowl? Obviously, I disagree with this and I'm sure that it wasn't the team's real intentions, but the truth is that they didn't put out a better team. They put out a mentally weaker offense from last year because their "leader" is just trying to survive each game without screwing up regardless whether the team wins-or-loses. He's not ready to take a team on his shoulders and carry them to victory so first he must try to hold on to his job and make sure blame doesn't fall on him.

Some comments on chicago bears forum are pretty reflective of how the fans feel about the team. String the two extreme ends of the criticism, the feel is still that the Bears are unpredictable and can't win without an early big lead that put pressure on the other team. Trailing 0-3, fans were already giving up because they don't feel that Grossman can be counted on get a scoring drive together. They didn't necessarily give up the game since the Defense can scrore some TDEs, but the a QB needs to be both a good player and a person who can inspire confidence around him.

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