Saturday, January 26, 2008

Feelings on the Macbook and OSX

I'm getting more used to using OSX/Macbook although a few things still nags at me. I'm still more used to having the application's menu within the frame of the application instead of at the top of the OS (especially noticeable when I'm using a dual monitor setup), and I wish Apple would allow the screen to tilt back more, and why are they so unwilling to provide a docking station?!?

The keyboard is nice and comfortable, but a two button mouse is still preferable. Overall the system runs well, but I don't feel it's a speed demon. For those running Windows on OSX, 4 gig is recommended. Running with 2 gig is ok, but it's like running Windows on 1 gig while also slowing down OSX.

I like Quicksilver and Geektools and I love the UNIX underlying. The support for external display kick the butts of my windows notebooks (especially ones by HP). The dimensions of the 15" Macbook and the weight balance is excellent. The 17" model is too big to travel around with and the Airbook just isn't that compelling to me. Personally, I feel the 15" is the sweet spot in Apple's notebook line.

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  1. Yup, if a laptop is your main machine, the 15" is definitely the way to go. Although I'm starting to have a hankering for a high-powered Mac desktop again. =)