Saturday, January 26, 2008

Calendar App

Having an easily accessible calendar is extremely helpful. Some people use widgets/gadgets/PIMs/Outlook, etc. I generally like to have a small calendar on my desktop showing the current and following month.

With Geektools, I went with the classic Unix program 'cal'. I have Geektool call 'cal' to show the current month and a second call to show the next month.

geektool to display calendar


  1. [...] Previously, I talked how I put a calendar on my OSX desktop using GeekTool and the standard UNIX cal program. When my wife saw it, she wanted the same thing on her WinXP desktop and since I’m now starting to use Linux as a desktop I thought I’d do the same thing for it also. [...]

  2. [...] To help me learn VIM keys, I put together a cheat sheet which I load onto my desktop much like how I handle my calendar/todo. [...]