Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why Starbucks is so expensive.

Starbucks drinks are pretty expensive and this past weekend I realized why it is and it's not that it's a brand name or that they are selling an experience as well as a cup of coffee. No, the reason is the high cost of the water and cups they use.

This weekend, I was at the airport when I need a cup of hot water to warm the baby formula. The airport had free hot water in the food court where Starbucks is also located, but I needed a cup to hold the water. I went to the Starbuck counter and asked if I could have a cup of hot water and was told no and that I had to purchase the hot water. When I asked if I could just get a cup for it and that I'll pour it myself from the hot water station, I was again told that I had to purchase the cup. How expensive is the water and cup they use? Anyway, I went to the California Pizza Kitchen next to Starbucks and asked the same question. The lady was more then happy to give me an empty cup and even guess that I might be using it to heat something so she gave me a small bowl to make it easier for me.

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