Friday, October 6, 2017

Ducky Mini (Blue)

I mentioned in an earlier post that the keyboard on the Macbook Pro (touchbar) is so bad that I had to bring a separate keyboard to avoid aggrevating the carpal tunnel in my wrist. The keyboard that I bring along with me is the Ducky Mini mechnical keyboard with blue Cherry MX switches.
It is a 60% keyboard so it’s smaller then the full size external keyboard since it doesn’t have the number pad. I have a carry pouch for it and I just put it into the main compartment of my backpack.
When I do feel the need to have a keypad, I have the Ducky Pocket which is USB keypad with mechanical keys and also doubles as a calculator.
To further protect my wrists, I always use a keyboard wrist pad. The Glorious Compact Wrist Pad is meant for 60% keyboard.