Friday, December 22, 2017

A Return to Blogger

I've moved back to Blogger after about 6 months of using Hugo + Google App Engine.
There was a lot of flexibility in using Hugo and App Engine.  I really like being able to use markdown especially for code snippets and having control of the server means being able to do whatever I needed if I had time to code the additional features myself.

I'm a casual blogger so working on the blog is not a primary focus of mine.  Maintaining the infrastructure (even for something as hands-off as App Engine) isn't where I would put my time.  I write when the mood hits me and one of the drawbacks with my Hugo + App Engine setup is that I need to have it set up on the machine that I'm using in order to write and publish.

The other two annoyances for a casual blogger like me is that handling images require extra steps and there's no comment system unless I want to code it myself.

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