Thursday, June 11, 2009

A company is the people who work for it.

I ran across this article through Hacker News by an entrepreneur who had sold his previous company and realized that he needed to start a new company. The author definitely has that entrepreneur spirit of wanting to take action on ideas, but a few of his statements are also examples of the negatives views adopted by many who are in management and leadership positions.

"I hated having 85 employees. It had become a little hell. I needed to get away and clear my mind."

How sad to hear from their leader that he hated having to deal with them. Being in management and leadership positions means having a degree of power over the employees, but it also comes with a responsibility for those employees. Employees are people and not just pawns to fulfill the manager's whims.

Before accepting the job of a manager, think about what that position means because it can be very different from what your existing role is.

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  1. It was sad. Definitely. They hated me. I hated them. That's the main reason I sold the company.

    I enjoyed it up until about 50 employees, but after that it took some bad turns, and I was a role model in what NOT to do as a manager/president.

    Live & learn.