Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Cost of Woodworking Part 2

With some more experience with woodworking, I wanted to update my thoughts on the cost of this hobby. I mentioned earlier that the starting cost of woodworking didn't feel that different from many other hobbies such as photography and computers. However, there is one difference in that woodworking requires raw materials where as computers materials are mental and virtual and photo has also moved towards binary bits instead of physical material. In this regard, woodworking is definitely a lot more expensive.

In looking at various guides on buying tools, table saws, routers, sanders, etc. are often mentioned first, but if you're planning to do more then a few projects with solid wood, I believe that a planer is super important. The cost of buying pre-planned boards is just nuts. It can be 3-4 times more then buying the rough lumber. I

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