Sunday, January 14, 2018

Nier:Automata Is a Great Game

I finished Nier:Automata (PS4) early this morning, but it isn't a game that one can just finish and immediately put away.  Its haunting story, characters and music stays with you even after you are done.  It wouldn't be a surprise if you went on Youtube afterwards to find out more about it because you don't feel ready to walk away from the world that Nier creator, Yoko Taro, has presented so beautifully.

If the only thing you know about Nier:Automata is from images, brief video clips, or cosplayers dressed up as one of its main characters, 2B, the game might first seems to be a hack-and-slash using fan service as its selling point.  It's true that Nier:Automata has beautiful characters that are decidedly sexy and its fighting motions are gorgeously animated. Just how well Nier:Automata performs in these two areas could be enough to make the game easy to enjoy, but you soon come to realize that the story, character and sound track takes it to the level of being one of the top games of 2017.

I played the game with the Japanese voices and english subtitles so I can't comment on the English dubbing.  The following video is a reading by the voice actors at the game for the ending.  You might not want to watch as it until you've finished to avoid minor spoilers, but it shows how mesmorizing the actors are just by their reading.

Nier:Automata has one of the most beautiful sound tracks for a game in years.  I can't understate how blown I was by how the music drew me into the world of Nier:Automata and its effectiveness in drawing out the emotions of the scenes and locations.

I would definitely recommend it for its game play, story, characters and sound track.  

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