Sunday, January 1, 2023

Dust Collection and Portable Table Saw Carts

Working in a limited space means that I have to constantly move equipment around in order to have access to what I need.  This takes times and takes away some of the fun since it feels like that I spent more time setting up than I am actually building things.  To help myself setup faster, I made two mobile carts.  One is for my shop vac dust collection and the second is for my portable table saw.

Dust Collection Cart

The cart is pretty basic and holds the shop vac on the bottom and the sawdust separator on top.   The connectors detaches easily so I can quickly connect tools to it and the outlet strip gives me access to power when I need it.  Now I don't find myself dragging along the separator, vac, power strip and tools separately and can roll them all to wherever I'm working.

Table Saw Cart

My workflow doesn't center around a table saw so I usually keep it on the side until I need to use it.  That means having to find a place to set it up, plug it into the dust collector, and put up a out feed table to support the cut-off.  By putting the saw on a cart with wheels, I can move it around easily.  The area under the saw can hold saw accessories and the fold-up out feed table makes it more convenient then having a separate table.

I can how roll the two cart to where I'm going to use them and quickly connect the saw to the dust collector and start working!

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