Sunday, January 15, 2023

Life for the Stadia Controller Post-Stadia

Update:  The official instructions to enable Bluetooth mode on the Stadia controller has been published.  The deadline to enable this is December 31, 2023.

Google Stadia will be shutting down on Jan 18, 2023 and while I wish Stadia had found more success the shutdown won't impact me that much given that Google is paying people back for the money they spent on Stadia game and hardware purchases.  I was surprised by this as I'm not sure I remember any other company willing to refund you money on things you bought years ago when they close.  One thought that I did have when the shutdown announcement was made was what will I do with the controllers?

The Stadia controller is pretty nice and well-built and it seem a shame to just throw them away.  I looked to see if I can use them with my PC which was possible but only through a wired connection... until now.   Despite Stadia going away, Google announced that they will release an update for the controller that will enable it to be used as a bluetooth controller.  

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